KeePass Password Safe

Passwords are annoying. If we make them too simple they can be cracked. If we make them too complex they will be forgotten. We also don’t want to use the same password for every account we have, in case someone gets hold of it.

It’s easy to use the password manager built into the browser to cut out the hassle, but these password managers have limitations. Few let you review and change the saved information and, unless you are using a portable browser, it’s stuck on the one machine.

KeePass is a good solution. It’s a lightweight, open source password manager which lets you organise your ever-growing list of passwords and encrypt them with 256-bit AES. You then use one master password to get access to the database.

You can throw it on a USB key or save it in a draft email on your online account so you have access to it wherever you may be. It probably isn’t worth the effort putting an overly-complex passwords on everything, but at least for financial accounts, this is very useful.

The interface is a bit cluttered, but with the search bar it doesn’t really matter.



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