Recommended Tools

All of the following tools are free of charge:

AntivirusAVG Free

Free to use and very reliable. Be aware that if you install the Email Scanner component, a short message will be appended to all email you send out. You can this disable it in Email Scanner properties.

Data DestructionEraser & DBAN

Eraser (free) will delete individual files, entire partitions and clean the empty space on your drive for traces of deleted files. Darik’s Boot and Nuke (free) does what it says. It boots from a cd or floppy and destroys all data on a hard drive.

Data RecoverySpinRite, R-Studio & Restoration

SpinRite (US$89) is your best bet for recovering failed hard disks. It attempts to scan and repair faulty sectors. R-Studio (US$79) is a toolkit of recovery tools for damaged hard disks and deleted files. Restoration (free) will search and recover deleted files.

Disk EncryptionTrueCrypt

Creates encrypted container files which can be mounted as drives or encrypts entire disks.

FirewallComodo Firewall Pro

There is a stand alone free version. In my experience and from everything I have read, it is the best consumer firewall on the market.

Password ManagerKeePass

Port Activity MonitorCurrPorts

Software Vulnerability AuditorSecunia PSI

Virtual Private NetworkingOpenVPN GUI & Hamachi

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